Nadeem’s Sponsored Sky Dive for the ITT!

On 4th August, our amazing supporter Nadeem will be jumping out of a plane to raise funds for the Irene Taylor Trust! You can find out more and donate to Nadeem’s sky dive here:

Nadeem was inspired to support the Irene Taylor Trust after attending one of our Making Tracks community performances;

I was very, very impressed. The opportunity for the young adults to express themselves through song writing, the group dynamic and the recording and performance. Brilliant stuff and very rewarding I’m sure for all involved.

Everyone at the ITT would like to thank Nadeem and wish him good luck!

And don’t worry – you don’t always have to jump out of a plane to support our work! You could come up with any fundraising activity you like. Or if you’re the more sedentary type, you could become a Friend, make a one-off donation or support us through your company!



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