Trustees & Advisors 

Jane Anderson, Chair 
I am a business psychologist with more than 20 years of experience of helping organisations, teams and individuals to grow and fulfil their potential. I was a founding director of YSC, part of the team that built it into a consultancy of international repute. I am passionate about our work at the Irene Taylor Trust which gives participants development, new learning about their potential, the experience of rising to a challenge and the lasting self-esteem which success brings.

Jonathan Adams
I am a Sector Portfolio Manager at Investec Asset Management and have spent over 20 years in the City, having previously worked at JP Morgan and Citigroup Asset Management. I’m also an active investor in social enterprise companies as one of the founding members of the Clearly Social Angels Network in addition to having substantial angel investing experience. I am also a member of the Finance Committee of the Wates Foundation and a member of the Admissions Panel of the Social Stock Exchange.

Alice Beal
I live in East London and have been working in the Music industry for the past 15 years, specifically in artist marketing within major record labels. During that time, I’ve experienced all the highs (and lows!) that it has to offer. The music business like numerous creative industries, provides a challenge like no other, and I feel incredibly thankful that I’ve been able to turn a passion for pop music into a career! I had the privilege of experiencing music education from primary school, all the way to university – it had a significant impact on my life, and had undoubtedly led me to where I am now. It’s for that reason I feel incredibly passionate about the work the Trust does. Using the power of music in an inclusive, positive way to impact peoples lives couldn’t be more necessary, particularly in 2020. It’s an honour to join the board, and I hope my experiences can add some value to the exceptional work they already do.

Sarah Davis
My passion in life is music so I’ve been very fortunate to enjoy a long and varied career in the music industry and as a senior lecturer in music business management/commercial music for various universities. My university role was not just as lecturer but mentor and careers advisor, counselling students both on creativity and on finding work in the music business, which can be very daunting without help.  What attracted me to the Irene Taylor Trust is that the team is equally passionate about music and in mentoring the Trust’s participants through music.  The Trust is proven to be dedicated to providing creative and life skills to its participants and successfully shows that music is indeed transformative. I am delighted to be on board as a trustee to help this amazing organisation further its valuable work.

James Maloney
I am a solicitor working in the field of charity law at Farrer & Co.  Since 2005, I have advised a wide range of charities, and those who fund and work with them, on compliance with a range of charity law issues.  It is a great privilege to join the board of the Trust.

Peter Renshaw
My interest in the power of music in prisons goes back to an evening in November 1984 when I took Sara Lee and Nick Hayes, along with other musicians from the Guildhall of Music & Drama, to perform in Wormwood Scrubs prison. From that day on, Sara and Nick have never looked back, and for many years they and a growing number of musicians have been the musical inspiration for the outstanding work of Music in Prisons. For over 50 years now I have been a catalyst for change in music institutions, always trying to get them to become more socially engaged. But throughout this challenging journey I have always seen Music in Prisons as a model of exemplary practice. Their work is increasingly important in the current climate.

Dr. Rosie Reynolds
I currently lead a project for young people experiencing homelessness in South-West London. My experience delivering frontline support has been in a range of settings, but has always been driven by a passion for social justice and a belief that learning, in the broadest sense of the word, is one of the most powerful communal experiences we can have. Over the last ten years I have worked in widening participation for universities, in prisons as an educator and project coordinator, and have managed networks of academics and practitioners working in the field of prison education. I am particularly interested in improving access to education and the creative arts. I have had the pleasure of seeing the power of creative learning on two Trust projects for my clients, and it is an honour to join the board.

Carolyn Taylor
I am a Mental Health Tribunal judge and solicitor and spend a lot of my time visiting people who are either incarcerated in hospital or prisons, some of whom have no other visitors. I have a long history of working in the area of mental health and criminal law where I specialise in representing mentally disordered offenders.  To undertake such work demands not only a sound legal mind but compassion and understanding. I hope to share my skills and experience in my work with the Irene Taylor Trust as a trustee and to help enhance the lives of those incarcerated through the medium of music.

Jo Sparrow

Patricia, Advisor to the Board
I am involved with the Trust because of their non-judgemental attitude towards offenders.  It’s purpose is to support current and ex offenders, helping with rehabilitation.  The work of the Trust is very professional and the participants have the opportunity to be a part of the team, as they always try to fit around the offender’s talents.  This is a very positive outlook from a very supportive organisation of which I am very proud to be a part of.

Having been an ex-participant myself, I find the Trust to be a breath of fresh air.  It helps you to identify the path you want to take.  Being a part of the Trust means looking to the future; expressing yourself freely, whilst being respectful of yourselves and others around you and the Trust.

I am extremely honoured to be the Advisor to the Board of Trustees and being able to be a part of the discussions and ideas for the future of the Trust. As a singer, this has given me to opportunity to do what I do best.  In addition I have gained a lot of experience that has assisted me in applying for jobs and this is available to others as well.  Most importantly, the purpose of the Trust is about helping offenders and ex-offenders to be rehabilitated and knowing their doors are always open to anyone who needs it.

In May 2020 we were greatly saddened by the death of Gary Sharpe, who had been an Advisor to the Board. Gary had played an important ambassadorial role at the Irene Taylor Trust over many years, as a former participant turned Support Musician, passing his love of music on to the young people we work with; you can read our tribute to him here.

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