Music Everywhere bespoke training

Music Everywhere – bespoke training from the Irene Taylor Trust

Music Everywhere is an experiential bespoke training programme run by the Irene Taylor Trust which equips new music leaders with the skills to be able to collaboratively create new music across a variety of settings.

Music Everywhere can be used by orchestras, colleges, universities or places of higher education and other organisations with groups of aspiring music leaders who wish to expand their practice and use their creative skills to engage and enrich their communities.

The infogram below gives an idea of how Music Everywhere works (see a pfd version here). A document with more info is available on request. Please contact Artistic Director Sara Lee to discuss a bespoke Music Everywhere training package.

MUSIC_EVERYWHERE_infogram back

Music Everywhere case study – CSO Negaunee Music Institute 

Since 2012 we’ve collaborated with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s Negaunee Music Institute to help them deliver specially tailored song-writing workshops, including working in juvenile prisons and detention centres, with teen parents and bereaved family members.

This short film follows a commission for ITT to train Civic Orchestra of Chicago musicians to be able to work with people who had lost loved ones though gun violence in Chicago, to write musical tributes, as part of the Notes for Peace project.

“They bring exceptional musicianship and tremendous empathy to all the work they do,” Jonathan McCormick, Director of Education & the Negaunee Music Institute, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

More information about Music Everywhere 

To find out more, please contact Artistic Director Sara Lee: / 020 7059 0306 

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