Theory of Change

Theory of Change

We were invited on to the CAN3 Accelerator programme in 2016. As part of the programme, we worked with the team at CAN Invest to develop our theory of change.

Irene Taylor Trust_Theory of Change


See a pdf version here.

At the time of joining the CAN3 programme, Artistic Director Sara Lee said:

“We are always striving to have a positive impact on more men, women and young people in and on the fringes of the criminal justice system, and as a small organisation it is not always easy to have the capacity to invest in researching and developing new approaches to partnerships, delivery or income development. CAN3 offers an unrivalled opportunity to receive support from business and third sector experts which will bring fresh approaches and ideas to our organisation, and support us to grow our impact and income in a sustainable way. We were also attracted to the opportunity to meet and learn from different charities and social enterprises, helping us build new networks and connections outside of our usual sector partners and peers.”

Read CAN Invest’s case study about our first year on the programme here.

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