Highs and Lows

Highs & Lows

This short film and soundtrack was created by young people in prison in 2013. It offers an insight from the offending journey, into the realities of custody, and through the gate back into the community.

The young people provided personal accounts of how their negative behaviour had impacted on themselves and others and how they had used their experience to make a positive change and look to the future.

Music and words created and performed by:


Creative Team

Rex Horan
Charles Stuart

Saul Hewish

The film was commissioned by HMYOI Werrington, following successful past multi-media collaborations, including Two Sides in 2012.

Two Sides 

Two Sides was a project run by Music in Prisons at HMYOI Werrington in October 2012 with the help of writer Peter Spafford and artist Lizzie Coombes. It brought together young prisoners with family members to consider from both sides of the bars how their lives have been affected by imprisonment.

The spoken-word pieces and songs, accompanied by postcards designed by artist Lizzie Coombes, are a brutally honest testimony of their experiences.


Two Sides project team
Artist – Lizzie Coombes
Music in Prisons musicians – Rex Horan & Emma Williams
Writer – Peter Spafford


Two Sides; Sentence - sweatbox Two Sides; Sentence - cried Two Sides; Dreaming - somewhere else Two Sides; Dreaming - birthday Two Sides; The Future - Peace Two Sides; The Furue - Hope

If you’re interested in procuring a copy of the full  Two Sides pack, please contact info@irenetaylortrust.com

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