A Picture of Me


A picture of me



A Picture of Me_front‘A Picture of Me’ was a very special project which took place in 2006.Our skilled music-team (Nick, Rex and Sara) were joined by writer Peter Spafford and artist Lizzie Coombes at HMPYOI Holloway to help a group of female prisoners to create a beautiful book and accompanying CD, which contained a powerful mixture of music and spoken word pieces. The team helped the group to explore issues surrounding imprisonment for women from their perspective, in their own words.

“I hope this book is going to touch people’s hearts, that they can identify with the words. That some of the words might inspire them, put a smile of their face and give them hope in difficult times. Just like a guardian angel.” Angela

A Picture of Me_TimeThe women working on the project hoped to create something that might help support other women facing similar difficulties to their own. Through music, creative writing, photography and collage, the women chose to deal with a wide range of topics. They wanted to talk honestly about their negative experiences such as self-harm, abuse, rape, separation from family and the loneliness and isolation of being in prison, but they also wanted to share the many positive things which kept them going, as well as their dreams and aspirations for the future.

‘A Picture of Me’ is a visual treat, with stunning photography and artwork coordinated by Lizzie Coombes. As with the songs and spoken word pieces, the women were deeply involved in the direction and design of the artwork, making the books something they could be really proud of contributing to.

Copies of the book were distributed to all women’s prisons in the UK, as a resource and support. Listen to the title track below:


A Picture of Me_Love“Look at me then Look at me now Change the future Turn it around.”  Lyrics excerpt, A Picture of Me.

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