Arts in Criminal Justice

Arts Alliance – the national umbrella organisation for arts organisations working in criminal justice;

Good Vibrations – runs music projects in prisons and the community using gamelan (Indonesian percussive instruments);

Helix Arts – partnering with ITT for the Songbook project. Helix Arts work with artists, in partnership with public and voluntary sector organisations, to create opportunities for people to participate in high quality arts activity;

Koestler Trust – annual arts awards recognise the talent and potential of people in the prison system;

Prison Radio Association –

Rideout (Creative Arts for Rehabilitation) – partnered with ITT on ‘A Bigger Sound’ in 2011. Rideout run innovative, thought-provoking cross-arts projects;

Safe Ground –

Synergy Theatre Project  – partnered with ITT for 2009’s Fallout project. Synergy works towards rehabilitation and resettlement with prisoners, ex-prisoners and young people at risk of offending through theatre and related activities whilst placing the wider issues surrounding criminal justice in the public arena;

Criminal Justice System information

Bromley Briefings – comprehensive notes on the current prison population in Britain, updated twice-yearly here.

CLINKS – supports voluntary organisations working with offenders –

Inside Time – the newspaper for prisoners –

Nacro (National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders) –

National Offender Management System –


Ian Cuthbert of Cuthbert Design has been designing our Annual Reports since 2010 and has also designed various gig flyers, the recent Sounding Out evaluation, and re-designed our logo in 2014

Evidence of the impact of the arts

Arts Alliance Evidence Library – brings together evaluations of the impact of a wide range of art forms within the criminal justice system – peruse it here.


Ximena Alvarez-Maschio ( ) – created three short films documenting Making Tracks cohort 5. We were so impressed that we invited her to create a short film introducing us to the world to go one the front page of this website

Julian Langham ( – filmed the Sounding Out band Platform 7 at the Koestler Trust launch in 2012 and created this short promo for us


The Prince’s Trust Fairbridge Programme, Kennington – source NEET young people to take part in our Making Tracks programme

Raw Material – co-facilitate some of the follow-on sessions for Making Tracks participants in their studios in Lambeth

Royal Academy of Music Open Academy – provide musicians who support the Making Tracks programme follow-on sessions

St Mark’s – kindly provides the venue for our Making Tracks intensive projects

St Marylebone Parish Church – kindly provides the venue for Sounding Out projects


Lizzie Coombes has worked with us on numerous special projects over the years. Whenever we need a visual element to a project, we call on Lizzie, and the results are always beautiful. Lizzie also works under the alias Betty Lawless

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