Celebrating 25 years of ITT

ITT turns 25

In November we are celebrating 25 years of the Irene Taylor Trust! We’ll be active on our website and social media platforms every day from the 1st November to the 25th, which officially marks our 25th anniversary!

The Covid-19 pandemic has sadly meant that we have had to amend plans for any live events, but despite the restrictions we have found ways to adapt and continued delivering our projects, which you can read about here.

Celebrating 25 years in November 

We will be partying online with lots of exciting content, including:

  • COVERS of the original songs created on our projects
  • PODCASTS led by former participants
  • Short FILMS
  • MUSIC, photos and memories from the last 25 years
  • WEBINARS focusing on why we do what we do (sign up here)
  • Culminating in the GRAND FINALE on 25/11/20; our 25th Birthday Show featuring performances from participants – please join us on Youtube Premiere for the LIVE broadcast (RSVP here or sign up via Facebook here)

Don’t miss out!

Sign up below to our social media platforms to make sure you don’t miss anything! We’d love it if you could help spread the word to your own followers/engage with comments please.


Support our work: 25 more years!

We’re so proud of how far we have come and how much we have achieved over the last 25 years. If you’re interested in helping us continue to flourish over the next 25 years (!), please consider signing up as a Friend or making a one-off donation in support of our work.

The countdown begins!

In the run up to and during November we’ll be sharing some special tracks created by some of our wonderful project musicians in a unique way during lockdown; they played ‘musical consequences’, each starting a track, then passing it round to the others to add layers and edits in turn, until everyone had contributed. The results are astonishing, displaying the amazing talents of the musicians we’re so lucky to work with – from reflective, to groovy, to incredibly funny, these songs have it all and show why we’re such advocates of making original music together!

These are a few of our favourite sings

During lockdown the team chose some of our favourite tracks from our projects to share on social media. Have a listen below.