Music in Prisons collaborated with Synergy Theatre Project on a full-scale production of the play Fallout by Roy Williams at HMP Brixton in May 2009. Fallout is a contemporary drama set on a London estate which examines the aftermath of a boy’s murder, where police investigations and a huge reward for information test the street loyalties of a group of close friends to their limits.

The result of the collaboration was an exciting, relevant production that was inspiring for both participants and audiences:

“I’ve become a more positive person within myself and I have now made the choice to carry on with music when released.” Participant, Fallout

“With this work, I saw how important it is for prisoners to express themselves to non-prisoners in order to be looked at differently.” Audience member, Fallout

Fallout flyerSynergy worked with a group to form the cast and crew, while Music in Prisons worked with another group to form a band to create an original, live score to accompany the urban drama. The completed score included full-length opening and closing numbers and numerous incidental pieces of varying duration to evoke atmosphere and link between scene changes.

In total the production of Fallout involved sixteen prisoners and two ex-prisoners amongst the cast, band and crew.

Fallout was performed 6 times in May 2009 to audiences totaling 568, comprising of prisoners, prison staff, participants’ families and invited outside guests, including the writer of Fallout, Roy Williams.

Some examples of the live score are below:

The collaborative project was supported by 29th May 1961 Charitable Trust, Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust, Peter Minet Trust, Trusthouse Charitable Foundation and Wates Foundation.

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