JACK: A Lad in the Beanstalk

Jack: A lad in the beanstalk artwork

At the end of 2018 we collaborated with the wonderful Kestrel Theatre Company and a group of adult male prisoners for a special project to enhance family relationships; working with theatre and music industry professionals over five weeks, the men created their own original pantomime, which was performed to their families, prison staff and residents.

We’re delighted to share the joyful live score from ‘JACK: A Lad in the Beanstalk!’ for your listening pleasure.

Our Music in Prisons team supported the men to compose and perform the live score, while Kestrel Theatre Company’s team oversaw the theatrical side of things.

Kestrel Theatre Company
Kestrel employs professionals to work creatively within the criminal justice system, facilitating original pieces of work, mostly theatre and film.  By empowering offenders to express themselves in a non judgemental, collaborative and enabling environment, their aim is to help them develop greater self confidence, mutual respect, and resilience, and by realising their creative potential, help them produce work of the highest standard. www.kestreltheatrecompany.co.uk

CD art design is by Keir Cooper – www.keircooper.uk

Jack - a lad in the beanstalk

Music in Prisons and theatre

It’s not the first time we’ve collaborated with partners on special cross-arts projects bringing together music and drama; we’ve joined forces with Synergy Theatre Project twice on full productions of Fallout (2009) and A Raisin in the Sun (2016); with Rideout and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to create Sail Or Jail (2011); and with Clean Break on Inside A Cloud (2016).

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