Musical Consequences

Musical Consequences 

In the run up to and during our 25th Anniversary celebrations in November 2020, every week we’ll be sharing 9 special tracks made by some of our musicians in a unique way! Nine of the team played ‘musical consequences’ during lockdown, each starting a track, then passing it round to the others to add layers and edits in turn, until everyone had contributed. The results are astonishing, displaying the amazing talents of the musicians we’re so lucky to work with – from reflective, to groovy, to incredibly funny, these songs have it all and show why we’re such advocates of making original music together!

We’re starting with ‘The Wolf At Your Door’, initiated and introduced by Emma Williams, who has been leading projects with us for a decade already.

Next up, ‘Tired of Waiting’, initiated and introduced by ITT legend Nick Hayes, who has been with ITT since 1995!

Trumpet supremo and project leader extraordinaire Rob Willson started the track which became ‘Ah! Sun-Flower’ – lending a nod to William Blake of course!

Keep an eye on this page – we’ll be adding tracks week by week!

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