Introducing our Emerging Artists

ITT's Emerging Artists

We are delighted that Arts Council England is supporting our pilot Emerging Artists programme in partnership with Drake Music.

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Over a two-year period, four brilliant Emerging Artists selected from our Making Tracks and Sounding Out programmes are working with professional musicians from ITT and Drake Music to further develop as artists and music facilitators, receiving individual mentoring support, as well as engaging in opportunities to work collaboratively and share learning.

The Emerging Artists will be supported to record, release and perform their own original material.

Showcase performance – save the date! Thursday 20th April, 7pm, at Rich Mix, East London (will also be accessible as a livestream)

Meet the Emerging Artists


The music of L U C I N E is a peek into the deepest depths of their mind and soul. An ongoing interrogation of the human experience, one we can all relate to. Travel into the alternate reality created by their medicinal melodies, ethereal vocals and genre-less production

Photo of Emerging Artist L U C I N E

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Luke McCarthy

I’m a man and his guitar. My dreams are simple but significant – I did some time inside and found solace in the most often overlooked things. Many artists wish to share their music, but I hope to connect with people through mine. The songs I write are found in the same place as that of a man who’s articulating the words to leave the world with.

Photo of Emerging Artist Luke McCarthy

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Macelino is a Lo-fi Jazz/Drill Artist and Producer from North London who is inspired by Knucks, JME and Unknown T. By being a part of the Emerging Artists programme, he is aiming to become a confident producer across a range of genres while being able to refine his sound through incorporating live instruments into UK Drill.

Photo of Emerging Artist Macelino

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Reese Quinlan

I’m from Plaistow, East London – I’ve been learning from and working with ITT since 2018; every step has been an experience to help me develop at something I hold a passion for deep in my heart and soul. I’m so excited to be making and performing music with ITT and Drake Music as an Emerging Artist.

I’m a lover of so many different types of music; growing up my Nan used to play Louie Armstrong and Ray Charles; with my younger sister I was listening to all sorts, from Michel Jackson and Van Morrison, to Oasis and so much more. Music has always been a big healer throughout my life just; creating music gives me hope that anything is possible.

Photo of Emerging Artist Reese Quinlan

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