Music in Prisons in cell learning resource

Responding to the needs of our prison partners, we’ve created 25 in cell music lessons from scratch, curated by 7 of our amazingly talented musicians! The DVD and handbook resource covers:

  • Music theory
  • Song-writing
  • Guitar
  • Keyboard
  • Soloing & improvisation

The lessons give learners the chance to go at their own pace and benefit from our fantastic team’s considerable experience in teaching and facilitating at all levels of ability. We’re really pleased with how they’ve turned out and can’t wait for people in prison to get stuck in on their musical adventures!

Developed in collaboration with key prison partners, these lessons have been designed to give a high-quality in cell learning experience. The Irene Taylor Trust has been running ‘Music in Prisons’ projects for over 25 years; we have distilled the considerable knowledge of how to encourage engagement with learning and creativity into these beautifully presented music lessons. Watch an introduction and taster in the short film below.


The DVDs provide approximately 12.5 hours of content, but learners are encouraged to pause, replay and practice along with the DVDs as they develop their skills, so actual engagement time will be much greater.

Each set of lessons is accompanied with a handbook which provides further guidance to learners.

If you’d like more info about how to get this resource into your prison, please contact

Lessons created by Sara Lee, Rex Horan, Nick Hayes, Charles Stuart, Rob Willson, Emily Jacques and Craig Fortnam
Edited by Lindsey Fairhurst
Performance footage by Felipe Pagani
Artwork by Keir Cooper
Project photos by Lizzie Coombes
Project devised and produced by Sara Lee

All material copyright The Irene Taylor Trust 2021

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