Sounding Out band The Pinnacle go ‘Unplugged’

We’re proud to present ‘Unplugged’, the second collection from Sounding Out ex-prisoner band ‘The Pinnacle’. The band focussed on creating stripped-back arrangements to let the songs ‘breathe’ – and what fantastic songs they are! Listen below:

‘Unplugged’ was recorded live in October 2019 at St Mark’s Church, Kennington. The band was supported by ITT musician Emma Williams (who also mixed the tracks), as they worked to generate new material for their performance at the Royal Festival Hall, as part of the Koestler Curates series, linking live events to the wonderful Koestler Arts’ exhibition ‘Another Me’. The band played an hour-long set to a large, enthusiastic crowd (photos by Pete Woodhead).

You can hear The Pinnacle’s debut collection ‘New Release’ below:

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