Sounding Out on the air

Our current cohort on the Sounding Out programme have been much in demand of late as radio guests!

National Prison Radio

Gabriel and Rose were invited on National Prison Radio show ‘Outside In’, which aims to inspire current prisoners with stories of those resettling after release, recorded at BBC radio studios. They talked about working with us on the through-the-gate Sounding Out programme; how music brought together the group, which formed the band Multiplay, and how this has helped them adjust to life outside.

They also beautifully performed stripped down versions of two Multiplay songs live. Listen to the interview and sessions below:

Breaking Barriers podcast

Gabriel was also asked to be a guest on Virgin’s ‘Breaking Barriers’ podcast series, for an eye-opening and thought-provoking conversation about the realities of seeking employment for those with a criminal record. We think you’ll agree that Gabriel was extremely articulate in getting his point across!

Listen to it here.

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