Big Issue article; read all about it!

Our work in prisons got a positive mention in The Big Issue recently in an article about the ability of music to change lives:

“Another area where music is being used with strategic purpose is the prison sector. Despite tabloid depictions of inmates serving their sentences glued to PlayStations, for the majority of prisoners, life behind bars is tough. Incarceration is frequently the culmination of extended periods of abuse, illness, homelessness and lack of support networks. Music workshops – delivered by organisations such as the Irene Taylor Trust (ITT) – are used to help engage with prisoners. And far from being a soft option, research has recognised the long-term positive impact of such work: the skills developed through ITT projects have been shown to help people with negative experiences of formal education to engage in further training opportunities, thus reducing the likelihood of reoffending.” The Big Issue

Big Issue article

The full article ‘Music as therapy is a powerful force that can transform lives’ is now available online here.

Artistic Director Sara has also been interviewed for the latest issue of Music Teacher magazine:

Sara Lee speaks!“Music provides positive relief and colour in what is a grey and stressful situation…When prisons are used for punishment rather than for rehabilitation, there is a detrimental effect on our communities and the wider society over both the short and the longer term. There are pockets of brilliant work happening, and much of it is delivered by small charities.” Sara Lee, quoted in Music Teacher, April 2018

You can read the full article here.

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