Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

Figures released this Monday by the Prison Reform Trust to mark the start of Mental Health Awareness Week (8–14 May) reveal that prisoners in the UK are far more likely to suffer from mental health issues than the general population (Find out more here.)

The latest figures on mental health need and learning disability in the justice system reveal that:

  • 46% of women and 21% of men in prison have attempted suicide at some point, compared to 6% of the general population.
  • 49% of women and 23% of men in prison are identified as suffering from both anxiety and depression, compared to 15% of the general population.

These numbers really highlight the need for creative projects in prisons that can raise prisoners’ self-esteem and levels of motivation.

  • On a recent project in a women’s prison, 100% of participants reported an increase in confidence, and 80% reported a rise in their motivation.
  • Over the last year, 100% of prison staff interviewed said that our project had helped raise prisoner’s self-esteem.
  • Out of all the participants on prison projects so far in 2017, 72% have reported an increase in confidence, and 64% have noted an increase in motivation.

“I feel so much happier. It made me realise there is still hope and that I won’t be here forever” Music in Prisons Participant

“Definite confidence boost and real joy at being able to play an instrument not played before.” Music in Prisons Participant

“They have something positive to focus on and new skills to deal with issues – helps them to relax” Staff feedback from Music in Prisons project

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