Sara’s ‘Connecting Conversation’ at Barbican 8th Feb

Artistic Director Sara Lee is part of a #ConnectingConversation at the Barbican on 8th February at 6pm with the theme ‘what makes an artist effective?’ – it’s free to attend, but booking is recommended, using this link;

Here’s the Barbican’s blurb about the event:

Artistic Director, Sara Lee“Join Sara Lee, musician and Artistic Director of the Irene Taylor Trust for a discussion around how creative practitioners can be most effective in delivering artistic experiences in different contexts.

“After working as a musician in criminal justice settings for over 30 years, Sara believes that the integrity of an artistic experience in these contexts has far more to do with the traits, beliefs, skills and experiences of the facilitator than any toolkit, lesson plan or script.

“The Irene Taylor Trust would like to work collaboratively to address what must be put in place to ensure creative, versatile and responsive graduates from the education and conservatoire systems. Whilst inspired by Sara’s experiences in criminal justice settings, the conversation will focus on what makes a great professional practitioner in any context.

“Connecting Conversations gives people who work in different areas of the Arts a chance to talk candidly about topical subjects in a relaxed atmosphere. The evening will encourage you to share your own experience and expertise.”

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