Artistic Director climbs Mount Kilimanjaro

Sara Lee climbs Mount Kiliamjaro

Our intrepid Artistic Director Sara Lee is safely back in the office after a successful trip up and down Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for our work in our 21st year.

All of us are very proud of Sara and impressed by her dedication to the cause! Here’s what she had to say about the climb:

“About 70 kilometres in total and much of it was a bit more vertical than imagined. I was scaling rock faces and avoiding sheer drops most days but thankfully the mountain sickness stayed away and I got to the top with most body parts still in good working order. It’s hard to describe really, the hours it takes, the relentlessness of it all, the heat and the cold, but more the absolute beauty of the rain forest/glacier/heathland/volcanic terrain which you pass through on the way to the top.”

“Thank you SO much to everyone who has already been generous in support of my adventure. I will keep the fundraising page open for another week or so because as well as continuing to raise money for the Trust’s work, I need some new knees.”

If you’d like to applaud her valiant efforts you can do so here:

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