Sara’s Winston Churchill Memorial Trust travel fellowship report

In February 2015 we were delighted to announce that our Artistic Director Sara Lee had been awarded a prestigious travel fellowship from the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust (WCMT). The travel fellowship was designed to allow people from all over the UK from a diverse range of backgrounds and interests to travel aboard to ‘gain fresh perspectives on their own field of interest and return with enhanced expertise, able to be more effective at work and in their contribution to the community.’

Travel blogs

Sara started her travels in June 2015, taking in the West Coast of the US – you can read her blog from that first leg here – and continued in September 2015, taking in the the East Coast – which you can read about here. For the third leg of her travels on October 2015, Sara headed over to Norway, which you can read about here.

Final report

Now that Sara has had time to reflect on her travels, she has completed her report about what she has learned from her travels and her recommendations for how what she has learned could be applied in the UK.

Read the full report; Sara Lee WCMT report.

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