Sara awarded prestigious Winston Churchill Memorial Trust travel fellowship

We’re delighted to announce that our Artistic Director Sara Lee has been awarded a prestigious travel fellowship from the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust (WCMT). The WCMT has been making these awards for 50 years, allowing people from all over the UK from a diverse range of backgrounds and interests to travel aboard to ‘gain fresh perspectives on their own field of interest and return with enhanced expertise, able to be more effective at work and in their contribution to the community’.

Speaking about the WCMT travel fellowship, Sara said:

“This is an incredible opportunity. I’ll be using it to look at the role music can play in resettlement and crime prevention and will be travelling to the US and Norway, giving me the opportunity to look at two quite different prison systems and how they use music both inside and through the gate. When deciding on the countries and programmes to visit, I wanted to focus on areas of our work which we are currently developing in order that I can use my new knowledge to enhance the programmes when I return.”

Sara is now in the process of firming her travel plans and will spend around six weeks conducting her field research in the US and Norway later in the year. On her return to the UK she will explore a variety of means to disseminate her learnings more widely, as well as feeding them into the Trust’s own work.

The WCMT receives around 1,200 applications annually and usually makes about 100 awards. In this, their 50th anniversary year, they have increased the number of awards to 150. During the year Sara will have the opportunity to meet and network with others awarded travel fellowships.

More information about the WCMT is available on their website;

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