Stephen Hough to play special recital

We’re very excited to announce that our patron, internationally acclaimed pianist Stephen Hough CBE, will be performing a special recital on our behalf at The Temple Church, London, on June 10th 2014.

Stephen will play a stirring programme including Brahms and Schumann, in a unique historical venue, celebrating the transformative power of music.

Limited £10 tickets are available, as well as seating at £25 and £40

“There is nothing more precious to a human being than liberty – the bigger issue of freedom of conscience of course, but also the simple freedom to choose when to go for a walk or whether to turn left or right when our front door is closed behind us.  I feel a deep empathy with those who have had this liberty taken away from them.  I also feel an empathy for those who risk seeing their lives as lost and hopeless: prisoners are our brothers and sisters who have made mistakes.  My interest in Music in Prisons is a hope that the beauty of music can make a difference in the lives of those who have had beauty stripped away; that music can be a messenger of hope and of new purpose,”  Stephen Hough.

Stephen Hough recital

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