Music in Prisons featured in Arts Alliance research on desistance

Re-imagining Futures evaluation

The Arts Alliance has launched a new piece of research, which includes one of our projects. ‘Re-imagining futures: Exploring arts interventions and the process of desistance’ researched by Charlotte Bilby (Northumbria University), Laura Caulfield (Bath Spa University) and Louise Ridley (Northumbria University) is available to read in full here.

The report highlights examples of how the arts can support positive changes linked to personal agency, efficacy and identity, which are linked to the highly individualised journey of desistance from criminal behaviour. It explores four arts projects, including a project we ran with adult male prisoners.

The Learning and Skills Manager said of our project: “In the 12 years I’ve been here, they’re the most professional and worthwhile music project. [MiP] are positive role models. They are clear about achievements. Quick to engage the prisoners.  They broaden the prisoners’ experience of music. They bring different music backgrounds to the prisoners, so it’s not just rap that glorifies crime, you know. They set the expectations of the groups.”

Re-imagining Futures evaluation cover

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