We’re looking for trustees with expertise in the music industry & criminal justice system

Call out for trustees

About us – the Irene Taylor Trust: Creating Music. Transforming Futures.

We believe that creating original music collaboratively can have a powerful impact on people’s lives, bringing them new confidence, important transferrable skills and raised aspirations for the future. Our programmes, Music in Prisons, Sounding Out and Making Tracks, support people of all ages in prisons, former prisoners rebuilding their lives on release and NEET (not in Employment, Education or Training) young people. We have a measurable impact on recidivism, helping people into training and jobs, and on enhancing wellbeing. We work with around 500 participants per year.

About you 

We are currently looking for two trustees to join our welcoming and productive trustee board, one from the music industry and one who works, or has worked, in the criminal justice system. We would particularly welcome applications from those from BAME backgrounds and from former service users.

Music industry expertise:

We rock, ballad and rap along very successfully. We have reached many individuals, both participants and audiences. What we need now is a trustee who can strengthen our ability as a team to open doors into the wider music scene, such as helping us build profile; attract sponsorship and donations; access musicians to create and perform with and/or for us; help us to source music-related work experience/opportunities for participants; and build our audiences for public performances.

We already have lawyers, accountants and businesspeople as trustees who are able to take the lead on governance issues. What we need most from you is your creativity, contacts, energy and willingness to support our vision.

Criminal justice expertise: 

Until recently we had a crown court judge and a senior probation officer as trustees. Their advice and knowledge were invaluable. We know our way around the criminal justice system as it relates to our work, from deep experience within the staff group and from one trustee, but we want to benefit again from another expert view from within the criminal justice system, to act as a sounding board and generator of new ways forward with staff and trustees. We are looking for new contacts to open doors and to be alerted to changes and emerging funding/ working opportunities – both for ITT and our participants.

What we would welcome most is your professional knowledge, advice and ability to help us to navigate and network in the world of criminal justice.

Trustee recruitment & induction pack 

We have put together a pack with useful information about the roles and the responsibilities of becoming a trustee, which you can read here: Trustees recruitment and induction pack

How to apply

Please send a CV and a covering letter to info@irenetaylortrust.com telling us about yourself, why you would like to become involved and how you would like to contribute, bearing in mind the above.

If you would like an informal discussion before applying, one of the trustees of would be delighted to talk to you to tell you more about our work, the organisation and the role. Please forward your contact details to info@irenetaylortrust.com to arrange this.


The closing date for applications is 16/03/20. We will be in touch to let you know whether we would like to invite you to an interview, which will take place at our office.

Thanks for your interest in becoming a trustee.

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